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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links June 8, 2016

Look who's back...

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Good morning!

Yeah, so I was gone one day, sue me. I was busy having a personal life one stinking night of my life; it was spent watching Argentina lay waste to Chile in the second half of Monday night's Copa America matchup. Speaking of that match, our own Erik Lamela had a bright cameo at the end, even forcing Claudio Bravo into a fine save near the end.

This prompted an overnight series of messages from an ex-girlfriend who lives in Argentina (well, she's from there, so I guess she's just Argentine). She said she thought of me when he came on and was doing so well. I wish this was because I am devilishly handsome and rich like Erik, but I know it's because I irrationally loved Coco when he wasn't all that good for us. I'm so happy he's come good because even I threw up my hands after that Stoke City match earlier in the year.

I'm really happy he'll get to experience Champions League football in a Spurs shirt next year after all the professional hardships he has gone through at Tottenham, and the manner in which he rode them out. The same could be said of Hugo and Christian riding out the not so great times, but they never really had rough patches anywhere near Lamela's.

Anyways, Erik is fun and beloved now, so I am happy. Maybe he could get that DiMaria guy to try his hand at the Premier League one more time; I have a feeling we could use him.

And now for the "news":

Kyle Walker aiming high at Euros| BT Sport

Even if I don't want our players getting injured, it's hard not to root for Kyle Walker. No punchline or analysis. He genuinely deserves everything he's gotten as a footballer and this has to be exciting for him and his family. Vince from 2012 would scarcely believe the player 2016 Kyle Walker has become. Bravo.

Hislop warns Lacazette "not so fast" on Spurs switch| ESPN FC

The ex-shot stopper thinks the Frenchman should stay at Lyon as first choice ahead of making the switch to Spurs or Barça, places he would play second fiddle.

Lacazette, when reached, asked if Hislop was going to pay his bills and proceeded to put us on hold, this song serving as the backdrop.

50 best football chants| FourFourTwo

I don't know if these are actually good, but I'm sure there is something from Tottenham in there. I'm quite partial to the Eriksen song even if it isn't iconic yet.

Watch Rio Olympic finished venue video tour| NBC Sports

Based on what I'd heard, I expected this tour to last five seconds.