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Jan Vertonghen prepares for the Euros like a total nerd

What did Jan Vertonghen pack in his suitcase for the Euros? AWESOME STUFF.

Jan Vertonghen took to Twitter today to show some of the items he's planing to bring along to the European Championships, which kick off Friday. Jan is an outstanding defender, a decent human being, and based on his "essentials for the Euros," a complete and utter nerd.

Just look at that tweet! This deserves a deeper look. Let's break down his choice of items.


Good, solid choice. Can't tell from the angle whether it's a MacBook, Pro, or an Air, but either way he's showing his nerd credentials here. Macs are awesome, shut up Win-dorks.

Board Games

We've discussed before how much the Tottenham Belgian Bros love Settlers of Catan. And they should! It's a very good game, the perfect gateway game into tabletop board gaming for the uninitiated. There are lots of BETTER choices, but we're talking about professional footballers here. (After all, Harry Winks brought Scrabble to the MLS All-Star Game.)

No, I'm much more interested in the OTHER game in his photo: Weerwolven van Wakkerdam (Werewolves of Miller's Hollow). To BoardGameGeek!

Werewolves of Miller's Hollow is a game that takes place in a small village which is haunted by werewolves. Each player is secretly assigned a role - Werewolf, Ordinary Townsfolk, or special character such as The Sheriff, The Hunter, the Witch, the Little Girl, The Fortune Teller and so on... At night, the Werewolves secretly choose a Villager to kill. During the day, the Villager who was killed is revealed and is out of the game. The remaining Villagers (normal and special villagers alike) then deliberate and vote on a player they suspect is a Werewolf, helped (or hindered) by the clues the special characters add to the general deliberation. The chosen player is "lynched", reveals his/her role and is out of the game. Werewolf is a social game that requires no equipment to play, and can accommodate almost any large group of players.

So I've played social games like this before (though not this one), and they're fun with a large group of players and friends. But now I'm wondering both how deep Vertonghen's game geekery goes. Have we but scratched the surface? Does he have Twilight Struggle squirreled away in his suitcase?

I'm also now wondering which player among the Belgian national team is secretly a werewolf. (First guess: Eden Hazard or Romelu Lukaku)

Reading Material

So if you're a pro footballer, what do you bring along for some light reading? How about "Die Man die Naar Auschwitz Wilde," (The Man who Broke Into Auschwitz) a WW2 biography about British POW Denis Avey? Because nothing says "relaxing evening" like reading about concentration camps.

"Honolulu King" is even better. Here's the description:

Honolulu King is a story inspired by true facts about an Indian man, scarred by his war record. When he confesses a secret in the Lodge of Freemasonry, he puts his brethren a major dilemma. May Masons with their secrecy conceal a crime?

WARS. SECRETS. FREEMASONRY. And here I expected Harry Potter!

Football boots

Boy, it's a good thing that Jan remembered to pack his boots for the trip to the Euros! Seems like that might be something his mom might have packed for him when she dropped him off, just in case he forgot it. I bet she also threw in some sandwiches for the journey.

I love Jan and he is kindred to my own heart, but I'm not sure about this. What would Ronaldo and Zlatan say if they saw this tweet?