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Eric Dier and John Stones doing the 'Running Man' is everything you need in your life

We're one day away from the 2016 European Championships kicking off and tensions are high as England get set for yet another major tournament. You'd expect most of the players to be concentrating on tactics and the team's gameplan. Let's check in on Eric Dier and John Stones and see what they're up to today:

Oh... Okay then...

I guess you could argue that doing the 'Running Man' dance is working on cardio and staying fit for the first group match against Russia on Saturday. That's totally not doing crazy things on Snapchat while being bored a hotel room. Nope, not at all.

Apparently the late 90's song "I want to be your lady" has been turned into a viral internet dancing challenge. Because of course it has.

I'll admit to not having seen any of the other competitors in this 'challenge' but it's hard to see anyone topping these two England youngsters. Also, what does the winner of the competition get? Let us know in the comments if you know more about this mysterious challenge.