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Janssen on his way to London to finalize transfer to Tottenham


Johannes Simon/Getty Images

It looks as though perseverance will pay off in the long drawn out saga between Tottenham Hotspur and AZ Alkmaar.

According to De Telegraaf, Janssen is currently at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam awaiting a flight to London to have his medical and finalize his move to White Hart Lane.

Janssen is aan het begin van de zondagavond op Schiphol in het gezelschap van zijn zaakwaarnemers Patrick van Diemen en Louis Laros (VVCS/Soccervision) gespot bij de gate voor hun vlucht naar Londen.

In de afgelopen weken en dagen heeft een complete soap zich afgespeeld rond de overgang van de spits, waarbij AZ lang weigerde aan de onderhandelingstafel plaats te nemen en de speler duidelijk maakte dat hij alleen nog voor Tottenham wilde uitkomen.

Maar alles lijkt nu tot een goed einde te komen, al staat de dag van morgen nog in het teken van de laatste onderhandelingen en een medische keuring. De Engelse topclub blijkt bereid diep in de buidel te tasten voor de spits, die 22 miljoen euro gaat kosten.

Plugging the article into the Google machine says that the fee is for €22m, though there isn’t any information in how the transfer is structured or if it includes bonuses and escalators.

De Telegraaf are a fairly reputable source, but if you are still skeptical about this, we’ll put your mind to ease. Kristof Terreur, who has been one of the most reliable sources the past couple of seasons, is corroborating the story:

While Terreur is mainly in tune with Belgian football, it’s doubtful he would re-tweet anything unless he believed it were true.

This saga appears to have a light at the end of the tunnel that isn’t a freight train. Janssen has reportedly turned down moves to West Ham (Plausible) and PSG (Not nearly as plausible) in order to force the move to North London. He seems hungry to make the jump and has said all the things Spurs supporters want to hear.

With the Euro 2016 Final happening later today, don’t expect much else on this to be reported today other than some candid photos of Janssen being spotted at Heathrow Airport. This move appears to be in the final works and hopefully we see Janssen’s smiling face holding up a kit tomorrow at some point.

For now: Nobody move.