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Tottenham demolishes corner of White Hart Lane as work continues on new stadium

Emotions that make me feel sad.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur have begun their demolition of White Hart Lane.  In an update posted on their website, the club showed photographs of the beloved stadium's North East corner in shambles. With the roof being torn down and much of the seating being removed, it is a grim sight to behold. In discussing the sensitive nature of the dismantling of the North East terrace, this is what the club had to say:

"Prior to the demolition, key features of these buildings were removed in order that they can be retained, preserved and used within the new Club museum to be housed in the Tottenham Experience or donated to local heritage collections. These features include elements of the original Boardroom, such as the wood panelling and fireplace along with the front bay window from which famous Club celebrations onto the High Road took place. In line with this approach, the facade of the Tottenham & Edmonton Dispensary has also been retained and will form an integral part of the new Tottenham Experience."

Following the successful removal and restoration of the iconic Tottenham Hotspur Cockerel and Clock, and the careful dismantling of our famous black gates at the entrance to White Hart Lane on Bill Nicholson Way, we have adopted a similar approach here to ensure that the identified features will be able to be reinstated in the future as part of the Tottenham Experience and around the new stadium development."

The big positive in this description is it appears that Spurs are taking the necessary precautions to preserve key elements of their historic grounds. Much of the physical objects that brought joy and memory to supporters over the years will be maintained in the club museum at the new White Hart Lane.

The other important thing of note is that this officially says goodbye to 4,000 seats at White Hart Lane for next year. In a final season where demand for tickets would already be exceptionally high, this just drove up the secondary market price for every seat for the 2016-17 season even more.

It is quite sad to view these images, but supporters must remember that this actually is progress. The Northumberland Development Project is an endeavor that will truly strengthen Tottenham's financial standing — by a magnitude — for years to come. Already excited to watch the incredible atmosphere unfold in White Hart Lane's final campaign.