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Thursday Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News and Links July 14, 2016

Celtic Unveil New Manager Photo by Steve Welsh/Getty Images

Trivia time y’all: Which of these quotes is from Brendan Rodgers and which is from the Deluded Brendan Twitter account?

  1. Lincoln Red Imps are a top class team and Gibraltar is a tough place to visit.
  2. We dominated and had enough chances to score. There’s no embarrassment.

If you said 1, is from Deluded Brendan and 2 is from the post-game presser, you’d be right:

“Rodgers: No embarrassment in Lincoln loss.”

Oh Brendan Rodgers. What will happen after he loses the first Old Firm to newly promoted Rangers? (Don’t answer that.)

And remember y’all: Last season on opening day City was managed by Manuel Pellegrini, United by Louis van Gaal, Chelsea by Jose Mourinho, and Liverpool by Brendan Rodgers. Have to think all four clubs have made noticeable upgrades in their dugouts, particularly City and Liverpool.

On to the links:

Ticket prices for Tottenham’s Champions League fixtures at Wembley were announced yesterday. Prices for a three game package range from £70 to £150, which is fantastic news for supporters.

Maxi Rodriguez responds to Jay Caspian Kang’s NYT article we shared in yesterday’s Hoddle.

Twitter user gets Sky Sports to read fake Lincoln Red Imps facts on live TV:

Completely made up facts about Lincoln Red Imps via @WeahsCousin on Twitter

Lincoln Red Imps are not pleased:

WeahsCousin is having fun with it though:

In other news, Ryan Giggs joins Paul Scholes, Ronaldinho, and Hernan Crespo in India’s Premier Futsal league.

Jonathan Fadugba makes the case for Big Sam for England.

It’s July and Arsenal already has an injury crisis because LOL Arsenal.