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Tottenham to miss out on Mario Götze after Bayern close to deal with Dortmund

Tottenham fans’ dreams of signing Mario Götze are over. Life goes on.

Germany - Training & Press Conference Photo by Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Well, it sure didn’t take long to crush all of our collective dreams. German daily Bild is reporting today that Bayern Munich is very close to an agreement with BVB Dortmund for midfielder Mario Götze.

The latest suggests that the two clubs haven’t yet agreed on a fee, with Bayern holding out for €27m (~£22m) while Dortmund bid €23m (£19m). However, Dortmund is apparently Götze’s top choice and the two clubs are expected to finalize an agreement in the coming days. Spurs are now officially out of the running.

This would seem to confirm the earlier reports that suggested that Tottenham Hotspur had not made a formal approach to Bayern for Götze. Bild had previously reported that Spurs officials had had two meetings with Götze’s father, who also serves as his agent.

I’m as guilty of getting overexcited about the possibility of Götze at Tottenham as anyone, but the truth is there never really was much in these rumors. Spurs probably did meet with Götze’s father, but clearly they decided to focus their attentions elsewhere, probably due to Götze’s wages. It was always likely that Götze would be amenable to returning to Dortmund, even after his acrimonious departure three years ago.

Still, I can’t pretend I’m not a little disappointed. Götze would have been an incredibly exciting signing. It’s not often that a player like Mario Götze is an actual target for a club like Spurs, and when you have that opportunity, you HAVE to look into it.

On to other targets. Hope is a thing with feathers. Cockerels have feathers, too. I believe in both.