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WATCH: Spurs teammates debate who enjoys pre-season the most

Yeah, sure...

Is it possible to enjoy pre-season? Pretend you're a professional footballer for a minute. You just came off of a grueling 10-month season and finally have time to rest then you have to go back and start all over from scratch. Apparently some players actually do like it -- or are just really good at lying.

Spurs TV polled the players about the subject. They asked several players to name which of their teammates enjoyed the pre-season the most. A weird question, but whatever. There's not much else going on, so let's delve into it.

Nabil Bentaleb was the only player to vote for himself in the poll. Three separate players said that the whole team loves pre-season. I bet they also believe in unicorns too. Toby Alderweireld, Kevin Wimmer, and Hugo Lloris were the only ones in the bunch to tell the truth and say no one enjoys it.

A player like Bentaleb, who has much to prove to earn his spot in the starting lineup back, being excited for the pre-season makes sense. He's probably worked really hard in the off-season and is ready to show the manager what he's got.

However, let's be honest. I'm sure they all love playing, but going from a well-earned vacation to running around and getting back in shape has to be tough (says the guy who sits at a computer all day).