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Are these Tottenham Hotspur’s away kits for 2016-17?


For months now we’ve been speculating about Tottenham Hotspur’s new kits for the 2016-17 season. While the home kits leaked in an Australian sports store a couple of months back (thanks to an intrepid Carty-Free user who snapped photographs!) there have only been rumors about what Spurs’ away kits will look like. Until now.

Today, a mock-up of Spurs’ away kits was released by Footy Headlines and has been making the rounds on social media.

So this is consistent with Footy Headlines’ leak from back in April, which I wrongly dismissed out of hand back in the day. The kits are primarily navy blue but have gold accents instead of white. Footy Headlines says that the away kit will have primarily blue shorts with gold accents.

So in theory I like this. A lot. However, maybe it’s just the mock-up, but I’m not wild about the particular shade of the gold on this. I’m also not super thrilled about the stripes on the sleeves either, and I’d prefer some kind of v-neck collar or something a little more distinctive.

However, that’s being picky, and it’s likely that these will look much better on the pitch than in a photo with questionable lighting. It’s been a while since we had an away kit that was all blue -- you have to go back to the “chevron kits” of 2012-13, and that blue looks a little lighter than the navy we have here. Overall: it’s nice. I’d buy it.

Rumors are these kits will be released in time for Spurs’ preseason International Champions Cup matches in Australia. What’s your take: would you buy one?