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Kevin Wimmer missed Spurs' match against Juventus with "a black eye"

The center back was missing in action during the team's first preseason friendly with an injury that seemingly came out of nowhere.

Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images

While center backs Dominic Ball and Cameron Carter-Vickers recorded minutes at center back in Tottenham's first preseason friendly against Juventus on Tuesday, a fellow center back -- and the only player who went to the Euros to join Spurs in Australia -- Kevin Wimmer was nowhere to be seen in the starting lineup or on the bench. The club provided no information about Wimmer's absence, but eventually, the people got their answer.

ESPN FC, while talking about the disappointing performances from the center backs against Juventus, ever so casually mentioned that the Austrian missed the match with a black eye, as if it was common knowledge. It was not.

The news came as a surprise, considering pictures of Wimmer from hours before the match saw no signs of Wimmer having a black eye. Wimmer, along with teammates Josh Onomah, Victor Wanyama, Harry Winks, and club legend Ledley King, were doing some street art in Melbourne, and when Wimmer stepped in front of the camera, there were no signs of a black eye.

Spurs Snapchat Wimmer

Credit: Tottenham Hotspur, via SnapChat

In this very simple investigation, it seems as if Wimmer was socked in the eye in the nine and a half hours since the team's last Snapchat appearance at the street art event and the start of the match. In which case, here are some theories:

  1. One of the young center backs punched him so he would get the minutes instead. Maybe it was a two-man operation for Ball and Carter-Vickers, or maybe it was just one of them. Either way, neither one of them took too much advantage of that opportunity, unfortunately, so Wimmer's black eye would have been a waste.
  2. Harry Winks finally got sick of Wimmer's nickname for him. Wimmer's first known usage of the name "Winksy" was when the team took a midseason bonding trip to Barcelona, and was part of the club's Twitter coverage when Winks signed a contract extension back in March. You could hear him again using the nickname when Wimmer took control of Spurs' Snapchat while Winks was making some street art. Perhaps that was the last straw for the youngster, and he punched him.
  3. A stylish member of the team was upset with Wimmer's choice of attire when he signed his new contract. Wimmer donned what appeared to be a tuxedo shirt when he signed a new contract, which lasts until 2021. Perhaps head coach Mauricio Pochettino, who graced the touchline last season with suits last year, was upset with his own player, but decided not to make anything about it because he did not want to ruin their upcoming vacation/preseason tour, but then got in a bad mood in Melbourne, perhaps from a bad case of jet lag, and punched Wimmer.
  4. A training accident. Would be too boring and typical, so this theory is going in the trash.
The investigation is ongoing and we would appreciate any leads you may have, which you can leave in the comments section.