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WATCH: Erik Lamela is the Steph Curry of soccer three-pointers

Hopefully he called bank.

Erik Lamela has to be enjoying life. Over the last year or so, he’s completely turned around his Tottenham Hotspur career from being a high-priced bust to becoming one of the club’s most important figures. Not only that, he’s broken into the Argentina national team.

Everything is going Coco’s way lately. While down in Australia for Spurs’ preseason tour, the team happened upon a random basketball goal. Of course Lamela had to go and pull off a trick shot:

When you’re hot you’re hot. He made that shot look as easy as a Steph Curry three-pointer. Hopefully he called bank on that or it doesn’t count. The guy on the left, however, is not as lucky.

It’s so good to see Lamela enjoying his time with Spurs and succeeding. It’s a testament to his character that he turned around his slow start with the club and has proven his worth and then some. Hopefully he can continue to shine this season and be an even bigger influence on the team’s success.