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Tottenham to launch new 2016-17 kits on Friday

We’ve probably seen them already, but this is the official launch.

We’ve speculated for months, but now it’s time to make them official. Tottenham Hotspur are set to reveal their new kit designs for the 2016-17 season, and they’ll be doing it live on Facebook.

We’ve had leaks about the new kits for months now, and we’ve also seen what we believe to be the new home and away kits for next season. The home kits were photographed in an Australian sporting goods store in April by a Carty-Free reader, and what most believe to be the away kits were leaked just last week.

Based on the promotional pic, I’m inclined to believe that both of the kit leaks were accurate. The color of the font implies that gold is the major accent color this season, and will be present in both kits. Hopefully the official kit photographs will look better than the murky yellow that showed up in the leaked away kit photo.

There’s distinctly less hype surrounding this year’s kit launch than there was last year, and I’m not sure why. Possibly it has something to do with the leaks, or perhaps it has something to do with this supposedly being Under Armor’s last season as kit manufacturer; Spurs have long been rumored to be close to a deal with Nike for kits (as well as possible stadium naming rights) but nothing has been announced. However, based on the quality of Nike designs on display at this year’s Euros and Premier League (check out Manchester City’s godawful shirts), I’m not sure if I’d rather stick with UA.

Tottenham will likely debut the new kits during the International Champions Cup in Australia later this month. The kit reveal will take place at 8:45 a.m. London (3:45 a.m. ET) on Tottenham’s facebook page.