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Tottenham Hotspur release their 2016-17 kits and they look better than what we thought

They’re out! And the gold actually looks like gold and not mustardy brown!

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Tottenham Hotspur released their new kits for the 2016-17 season, and they confirm the leaks that have come out over the past few months. The primary accent color this season is gold, ostensibly inspired by the gold cockerels on top of White Hart Lane. Tottenham’s home kit is predominantly white with blue shoulders and gold trim, while the away kits are navy with gold accents. The third kits, which had not been leaked, are mostly gold with navy trim.

The club made the kit announcement on Facebook this morning and promoted it extensively on social media.

In previous posts about the new kits, I had expressed some trepidation about the extensive use of the gold color. However, in a proper promotional photo with good lighting, most of my fears have been assuaged. While the leaked photo showed the gold as more of a muddy mustard yellow, here the gold looks more like... well, gold.

I’m also pleasantly surprised at how much I like the all-gold third kits. They look classy, especially with the navy pinstripes on the front. Spurs will definitely wear those at least once, when they visit the Hawthornes to play West Brom, and like the Spurples from last season, it would be my choice if I had to choose only one to buy.

I especially like the way the away and third kits look on the players. I expect, like most kits, they will look much better on the field and on television than they do in photos. The kits will make their on-pitch debut during Spurs’ trip to Melbourne for the International Champions Cup matches against Atletico Madrid and Juventus on July 26.

The kits are available for purchase today from the Tottenham Hotspur Shop.