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David Moyes hints that Spurs' fullback is on his shortlist

It's a logical move, but let's pump those brakes...

Michael Dodge/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur have made their way back to Europe after a preseason in Australia, and while the North Londoners still have a tune up remaining before the season starts, we are constantly reminded that there is still a month left in the transfer window.

David Moyes has now been appointed the man in charge on Wearside after Sam Allardyce was named the new England manager, but that doesn't necessarily mean that Sunderland aren't in flux. The Black Cats released a few players at the end of last season's campaign and had loaned players return to their home club. This has left the cupboard a bit empty for Moyes, who has stated that he would love to have DeAndre Yedlin return to Sunderland in an interview with Chronicle Live.

"Both M’Vila and Yedlin made decent impacts. They are players who we have talked about in the last week a lot, and we have spoken to people about them."

This isn't exactly Earth-shattering news. Both M'Vila and Yedlin played key roles in ensuring the Black Cats' safety last season. Moyes would obviously prefer to have players that are at least familiar with the club before having to look elsewhere, and he makes that perfectly clear in his following statements.

"So I would say that they are players who are out there, but they are among a number of players who we are looking at.

"I want to see if there are better players than that available, or if there is better value.

"I’m having to find out about the market quickly, and seeing what is there.

"At the moment the market is difficult and getting a price and valuation on someone is not easy."

Before Moyes took over, there was plenty of evidence that Yedlin could end up going to Sunderland on a permanent basis. He praised Big Sam for teaching him and helping him grow as a player while Sam praised Yedlin for his ability and made it pretty clear he'd love to have him back. Now that Moyes is in charge, it's unclear as to if Yedlin would want that permanent move.

As for Yedlin's prospects at Spurs, we don't know much more than what we've seen in preseason. With the exception of 90 seconds of insanity in a single match, Yedlin had a fine Copa America with the United States and has played well for the senior squad at the club level against Juventus and Atletico Madrid. While two matches in the preseason don't exactly make for a big resume, he certainly hasn't hurt his chances.

With a final friendly lined up against Inter Milan on Friday in Norway, one would believe that Pochettino wants to have an idea of his final squad after that match, which means Yedlin has one more chance to show he's capable of playing on a Champions League side. I would imagine we'll have a good idea of how this goes by the time Spurs head to Everton for their season opener.

At least we should. It is silly season, after all.