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Join Cartilage Free Captain’s Premier League fantasy league!

Another fantasy league to join? Another fantasy league to join.

People have asked me for this. So here it is! I’ve created the OFFICIAL official Cartilage Free Captain Premier League fantasy league for all y’alls fantasy geeking out and stuff.

To join: create an account at and join the league “Cartilage Free Captain” with the code 524510-623438.

There’s also an unofficial CFC fantasy league that’s floating around in the fanposts, and you should feel free to join that too.

For those who are new to fantasy soccer, here’s how it works: you have a set amount of money that you can use to “purchase” EPL players, including backups. You can change your formation based on tactics and injuries, and you accumulate points based on how your team did. There are various other features, and you can sell and buy new players at any time.

Winner wins the internet. (Although maybe I’ll figure out some sort of real prize for the winner by the end of the year, who knows)

So feel free to join up and have some fun! In the mean time, feel free to mock my first attempt at drafting a team. I epically suck at fantasy.