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Tottenham superfan names newborn after favorite player

If you’re a sports fan, you likely have a favorite team that you unconditionally love. How far are you willing to take that love? Some love them enough to get a tattoo on their body. Others name their pets after their favorite player.

Do you think you’d ever love Tottenham Hotspur enough to name one of your own children after a player? Well one fan did. Lin-Kirsti of Norway pledged to name her newborn son after Spurs goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris.

While we’re not 100% certain that Hugo is Lin-Kirsti’s favorite player, we have to assume he is given that SHE NAMED HER SON AFTER HIM. That’s right. Little Hugo was born yesterday and true to her word, she named him after the Spurs goalkeeper.

Look, I love soccer as much as anyone you’ll ever meet. But I’m not sure I could name one of my children after an athlete. That takes real commitment to a team and a player. This is a great story, though. Hopefully little Hugo goes on to greatness himself.