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WATCH: Erik Lamela’s Top 5 Premier League goals

Remember when Erik Lamela got off to a rather rocky beginning to his Tottenham Hotspur career and there were questions if he could hack it in the Premier League? There was serious concern about his future at the club after his first season. All of that looks pretty silly now, considering the fantastic form he’s shown over the last two seasons.

Spurs TV compiled this cool video showing their choices for Lamela’s Top 5 goals in the Premier League:

Out of the eight total league goals Coco has scored, they picked these five. It’s not clear if they intended to put them in order or not. Hopefully not, seeing as how the second goal they showed was a notch above the others in my humble opinion.

Either way, it’s always cool to see a video compilation of goals. We all love them. Personally, I love Lamela’s story of coming to the Premier League and struggling, only to pull himself out of a slump to become one of Tottenham’s most important players. Hopefully he keeps banging in the goals so we can see more of these videos.