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Spanish paper claims Espanyol keeper heading to Tottenham on loan

The 21-year old Spanish keeper might be heading to White Hart Lane after all.

Spain v Bosnia - International Friendly Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images

So remember yesterday when I said that the injury to Hugo Lloris probably meant that Pau Lopez wasn’t coming to White Hart Lane after all? Yeah, about that. Today, Spanish daily Mundo Deportivo is reporting that Spurs have agreed a deal that will bring Lopez to Tottenham this year after all, but on loan.

The paper claims that the deal includes a loan fee of €500k, and includes an option to buy at the end of the 2016-17 season of €7m. Earlier reports indicated that Spurs had made an offer to Espanyol to purchase Lopez outright for a fee of €3m that was rejected.

This is interesting, because it appears to be a “have your cake and eat it too” kind of story. Lopez is 21 and apparently very highly rated by Mauricio Pochettino and the Tottenham scouting staff, and on paper he’d appear to be an upgrade on Michel Vorm.

However, as I pointed out yesterday, the injury to Lloris complicates things. I really can’t see how they’d dump Vorm mid-stream and put their league hopes in the hands of either a new guy or Luke McGee. So I assumed the deal was DOA, or at minimum postponed.

A loan, however, would be pretty much perfect. It allows Spurs to kick the tires on Lopez for a year, work him into the team, and defers actual payment on him until the end of the season. If it appears clear that Lopez is their guy, then we might see Vorm depart next summer, or possibly even in January.

There’s also the possibility that Lopez would be a replacement for McGee instead of Vorm, but I somehow doubt that’s the case. Hugo is a world-class keeper, but it seems likely that eventually he’s going to get poached by a bigger club. To me this deal feels like one that would ready to way for Lopez to be his eventual replacement.

The usual caveats apply: Spanish media source, no real evidence, nothing announced by the clubs, etc. But if this is what it’ll take to get Lopez here this summer and still keep Vorm around to save Spurs’ butts in the Premier League in the short term, then it’s a pretty neat solution.