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Caption Contest: Danny Rose’s mind is blown by Erik Lamela nutmegging Andros Townsend

Tottenham Hotspur notched their first win of the season on Saturday against Crystal Palace. By and large it was a rather frustrating day for Spurs through the first 80 minutes. Thankfully Victor Wanyama’s first goal for the club was able to turn the day around and nab the three points.

One of the biggest highlights of the match came in the very last minute of stoppage time. Erik Lamela completely destroyed former Spurs player Andros Townsend with a nutmeg:

The camera catches Danny Rose near the halfway line losing his mind after witnessing this destruction of his former teammate. You can literally see the gears in his head completely shut down and explode.

I wonder what was going through his mind as he was seeing Coco ruin Andros’ day with one of the sickest skill moves we’ve seen in a long time. I can’t even imagine it.

Maybe you can. Head down to the comments and come up with something creative. What was going through Danny Rose’s mind as this was occurring?