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Tuesday Hoddle of Coffee: Eriksen is fine, y’all. August 23, 2016

Let’s talk about Christian Eriksen a bit.

Tottenham Hotspur v West Bromwich Albion - Premier League Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

I have #thoughts on the Lamela-Eriksen thing some of y’all were asking about (and that Kevin wrote about) yesterday. But I’m still working through game footage and looking at the stats I can get through WhoScored and Stats Zone.

Here are two initial thoughts:

First, we shouldn’t make too too much of a player’s positioning in a system like Mauricio Pochettino’s is usually going to be a mistake. The pressing style demands such fluidity in terms of position that it’s much harder to identify a player’s “position” in the system. A system like Pochettino’s is probably better understood in terms of “roles” than “systems.”

Second, the main thing that stood out to me wasn’t that Eriksen was playing on the right wing—he was playing more in the half-space between the left back and left center back, if anything—but that he simply wasn’t receiving the ball enough. Here’s a chart of passes he received:


There simply aren’t a lot of short passes here nor are there that many lateral passes, both of which tend to be pretty essential service for a playmaker like Eriksen who is at his best presenting for the ball, receiving simple passes, and then picking out teammates.

Compare this to Eriksen’s performance last season in our 4-1 win against West Ham:


In this game, we see a ton of short, quick passes on the left side of the field along with a lot of simple horizontal passes played into Eriksen’s feet as he drifted inside.

Related to this is the point that in that game Eriksen and Danny Rose exchanged 23 passes while Eriksen and Mousa Dembele exchanged 22. So there probably is something to the complaint that flipping Eriksen and Lamela disrupts the relationship between Eriksen and Rose and Lamela and Walker. That said, I’m not sure how much of that is down to Eriksen having a unique relationship with Rose and how much of it is a combination of Christian not showing for the ball as much (which isn’t a huge cause for concern this early in the season) and Christian missing Dembele. Lamela is constantly buzzing around the ball, Dele Alli is a vertical attacker. Amongst last season’s attacking three, Eriksen (more than anyone else) relied heavily on Dembele’s ability to win the ball and make short, simple passes to nearby players.

Anyway, I need to watch the game again and look more closely at the stats, but that is my initial #take.

On to the links:

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This is kinda insane:

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