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Danny Rose explains his reaction to Erik Lamela nutmegging Andros Townsend


Earlier this week, we all wondered what was going through the head of Danny Rose as he saw Erik Lamela completely destroy former Spurs player Andros Townsend with a vicious nutmeg.

Now we have our answer. Rose sat down for a Q&A with Spurs TV and shed some light on the situation.

“I thought ‘Erik, why did you do that?’ It was brilliant to watch. I just wish it was against another player and not Andros,” Rose said. “I didn’t realize I put my hands on my head until afterwards. It was a brilliant nutmeg. When Andros was here, he always used to get nutmegged five or six times in a training session. I was actually thinking throughout the game that he’s done well not to get nutmegged today and Erik did that. It was brilliant. So, sorry Andros...”

There you have it. He felt sorry for him but wasn’t surprised at all by the result. From the sound of it, Andros probably wasn’t too embarrassed as he’s apparently used to it. Although, Danny throwing so much shade on him about his training habits may be a little painful.