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Kane, Lloris, Alli have FIFA 17 player ratings revealed

It’s that time of the year

Can you feel it? It’s almost FIFA season, ladies and gents. That glorious time of the year where we spend $60 and a marginally upgraded video game and neglect all of our responsibilities and loved ones for months is finally here.

EA Sports have begun their yearly promotional roll-out of their video game series “FIFA”. That always includes slowly revealing the player ratings of the Top 50 players in the world. That began on Monday with players 50-31 being revealed. Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper, Hugo Lloris, made the list at No. 31 with a very high rating of 88.

Harry Kane and Dele Alli will not be featured on the list. However, we now know their ratings too thanks to a comical video EA put out today as well. It shows top players trying to guess each other’s ratings.

Alli gave Kane a 30 rating for his Pace. For those that don’t play FIFA, that would rate him as probably one the slowest in the game. While he also said he’s never seen Harry defend in his life and gave him a -10 in Defending.

While you can see on the other card that Harry has given Alli a 10 in Pace. The banter is real.

In FIFA 17, Harry Kane is rated 84 and Dele Alli is a 80 according to the video.

To sum up here are the ratings we know so far:

Hugo Lloris: 88

Harry Kane: 84

Dele Alli: 80

Are these fair? Where do you hope the other Spurs players are rated?