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Remembering Ted Lasso three years later

Three years have passed since the most charismatic and energetic manager Tottenham Hotspur has ever employed was rudely dismissed. Ted Lasso wasn't your run of the mill Premier League manager. He was cut from a different cloth, a true innovator of the beautiful game.

While his reign as Spurs boss will certainly go down as one of the most memorable ones, we can all agree it was far too brief. His star burned bright during his short tenure, but he left the club just as he arrived: As a legend.

Lasso will likely be known as the only manager in Spurs history who had no previous experience in coaching soccer at any level. That fact probably hurt him in the end as his training methods, tactics, and overall knowledge of the sport were less than you'd expect from a manager in one of the top league's in the world.

We'll never know how successful he would've been if given a real chance as he was sacked before the season even started, but at least we'll have the great memories forever.