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Tottenham close to new contract for Christian Eriksen

The Standard is reporting that Eriksen is set to sign a new four-year deal at £80k/week.

Tottenham Hotspur v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images

Not really a transfer rumor, but we’re putting it in with the rest of the rumors, because it’s something that will KEEP a Tottenham Hotspur player here: Tom Collomosse is reporting that Christian Eriksen is close to an agreement that will keep him a Spurs player for another four years.

Collomosse’s a solid journo with good Spurs sources, so I’m inclined to believe this report. At any rate, I hope it’s true. Despite him being off the boil for the first three matches of the season, Eriksen is still a critical cog in Tottenham’s machine, and Spurs’ best creative player.

There’s been a lot of angst about Eriksen’s contract, most recently with the reports that he (or his agent) were demanding £150k/wk in wages. If Collomosse’s correct, four years at £80k/wk represents a substantial boost to his existing wages, and puts him towards the top (but not AT the top) of the wage scale.

Spurs tends to tweet and post when major contract renewals happen, and we might know about this until after the international break. Still — great news if it’s true!