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N’Koudou N’Coming? Marseille winger tweets enigmatic message to Tottenham fans


Georges-Kevin N'Koudou

So you all know I’m pretty darned tired of writing about the Georges-Kevin N’Koudou transfer saga, but I can’t not mention this on almost-deadline day. GKN took to twitter for the first time in forever and had a rather enigmatic message to Spurs fans.

Soooo... is that confirmation that N’Koudou’s transfer has officially gone through? Is he now a Tottenham Hotspur player? What do the monkeys-with-hands-over-eyes emoji mean? And why are there three of them? WHAT DOES IT MEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAN?

Considering the fact that he hasn’t tweeted since July 12, most people on Twitter are interpreting this as a coded message that he’s signed his paperwork and is now an official Tottenham Hotspur player. Which would be neat, because he’s already been training with the club for a week after essentially staying in a hotel room in London for the past month.

We’ll of course wait for the official confirmation from Tottenham’s social media people. Considering it’s almost 10 pm we might not know for sure until tomorrow.

Twitter, naturally, wins the day in the end.