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Mail: Spurs inquire about Phil Jones from Manchester United

Well, that’s interesting.

Manchester United v Norwich City - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

It’s transfer deadline day so we’re loosening our normally stringent bulls**t filters and reporting on pretty much everything. The latest report suggests comes from the Daily Mail and suggests that Spurs have made an inquiry for Manchester United’s Phil Jones.

Jones has been out since January due to injury and hasn’t yet featured for Jose Mourinho, but Mou isn’t willing to make a Premier League rival better and won’t make the deal. Apparently Chelsea, Arsenal, and Leicester have also inquired about Jones.

Assuming he’s healthy (or at least on the way to being healthy) Jones would be an interesting signing for Spurs. There’s a strong argument that Tottenham still want another defender to help bolster their defensive options. However, this feels more like a “Hey you wanna?” “Naw.” “OK, cool” kind of inquiry.

Mou refusing to strengthen a rival probably means that any fleeting hopes that we might be able to poach away Morgan Schneiderlin from his exile in Manchester also appears unlikely. Sorry, y’all.