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Spurs to make shock bid for Chudley Cannons’ Galvin Gudgeon?

Does Daniel Levy have the Knuts to get this deal through the hoops?

Fictitious Harry Potter Sport Quidditch Comes To Real Life Photo by Christopher Capozziello/Getty Images

SHOCK TRANSFER DEAL! After missing out on Real Madrid’s Isco and still hunting for additional offensive reinforcements for the new season, Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has apparently made a shock bid for Chudley Cannons seeker Galvin Gudgeon.

Gudgeon is the best known player for the Cannons, who have finished at the bottom of the league for each of the last 25 seasons, and is best known perhaps for his infamous play where he fell off his broomstick chasing a bumblebee and had the Snitch bounce off his nose.

Regardless, Chudley is unlikely to want to strengthen a direct rival, even in a different sport, and is expected to demand a transfer fee of at least 10,000 Galleons.

Rumors that Daniel Levy is only considering Gudgeon due to his ability to apparate the ball directly into the net couldn’t be confirmed, though considering Spurs’ difficulty scoring early in this Premier League season a good wingardium leviosa spell might be just what they need to make a serious title push.

Ron Weasley could not be reached for comment.