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Sissoko turned down Everton plane, turned off phone to sign for Spurs

This is AMAZING.

Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

This story keeps getting better and better. More details are coming out about Tottenham Hotspur’s supposed signing of Moussa Sissoko. The latest is that Everton actually had an airplane waiting to take him to Liverpool to agree terms with the Merseyside club, but Sissoko had other plans.

Incredible. But it gets even better. Not only did Sissoko flatly turn down Everton by walking away from the club jet, he did one better and ACTUALLY TURNED OFF HIS PHONE.

Holy moly. Set aside for a second whether you think this is a good signing for Tottenham Hotspur or not, or whether you think he’s worth the money. This is near Willian-levels of gazumping. He actually ghosted an entire football club so he could sign with Tottenham.

That’s cold. That’s also kind of awesome. I have no words. And I suspect that we haven’t yet heard the last in this story. Stay tuned for more.

I bet they are.