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Moussa Sissoko joins Tottenham Hotspur in last minute £30m signing

This was an LOLZ sort of way.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur didn't fail to provide deadline day theatrics. Moussa Sissoko, the France international, is coming to White Hart Lane.  For a hefty fee too: Sky Sports reports that the former Toulouse and Newcastle midfielder is joining Spurs for a whooping £30 million pounds, though Spurs didn't disclose the full amount of his transfer or his wages.

In a summer transfer window that was stable and pragmatic, very much like the last, Daniel Levy and Tottenham Hotspur splashed cash on a big name signing and reverted back to old form.

However, this transfer isn't without controversy. With roughly three hours till the close of the window it looked certain that Sissoko was heading to Goodison Park. Though the deal looked to be done and dusted, there was no official word from Newcastle, Everton, or the player himself confirming the deal.

Then this came from Lyall Thomas:

Less than hour before the deadline and the Sissoko transfer took a dramatic pivot. The player apparently preferred Spurs and allegedly shut off his phone to avoid any contact with the Toffee's hierarchy. He also turned down a private plane from Everton. Allegedly.

Did Tottenham Hotspur overpay? Will Sissoko stay motivated? Where will he fit in? These are all questions for another day. Moussa Sissoko will wear lilywhite for the 2016-17 season and beyond. Gratifying, it is, to be on the other side of a transfer deadline day surprise.