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WATCH: Spurs practice their goofy walk-up moves for TV

You know that moment on TV before every match where they show the starting lineups and it’s a digital video of the player instead of a simple graphic? How do they get those tiny players into the screens?

Well it turns out that they film them in front of a green screen and work their editing magic. Usually on TV you see the players being very serious when they walk up. Spurs thought it would be fun to practice their alternative routines.

Instead of being super-duper serious, the players take turns coming up with a funny or unique walk-up. These will likely never be seen on TV, but thanks to Spurs TV we get to see them.

19 different players gave their attempts, for our money, Eric Dier has to win the prize for most hilarious. He decided to do the “Running Man” challenge as his walk-up. Similar to the dance we highlighted earlier in the summer.

Dier is the best. Please never change, Eric.

Meanwhile, please change everything, Ryan Mason, you dorky dork.