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Alex Pritchard is a Norwich City Canary thanks to a traffic jam

Alex Pritchard’s future literally took a U-turn on the M25.

Brighton & Hove Albion v Seville - Pre Season Friendly
Chris Hughton is sad because he didn’t sign Alex Pritchard.
Photo by Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Alex Pritchard’s transfer to Norwich City surprised everyone, and probably even Pritchard himself. Everything was pointing to Pritch signing for Brighton and Hove Albion and former Spurs player and coach Chris Hughton, but it was reported that Norwich came in with a last minute bid and poached him away.

Pritchard was apparently very close to signing with Brighton. We had no idea just HOW close until just now.

Brighton CEO Paul Barber, who was also former chief executive at Tottenham from 2005-2011, took to Twitter on Brighton’s official account in a fan convo and was extremely open about what happened that took Pritchard from the Seagulls to the Canaries.

And it’s pretty incredible.

So, just to summarize: Brighton had agreed terms with both Tottenham and Pritchard, and he was en route to Brighton to sign when his agent got the call from Norwich. That was enough for Pritchard to make the switch.


Even better, Daniel Levy was apparently fine enough with Norwich’s offer that he hung his former chief deputy out to dry. Barber and Hughton were, to put it mildly not amused.

I was about to write that I can’t think of another Tottenham-related transfer that had a situation that was cut so fine, but that’s really not true, is it? Thanks, Willian.

At any rate, Pritch is happy, Norwich is happy, and Spurs are happy. The only unhappy people are Brighton, who just watched their prized signing get literally gazumped by their direct rivals for promotion to the Premier League.

Ouch. Football transfers: they’re not for the faint of heart.