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DeAndre Yedlin: International Spokesman

As we patiently await news on whether DeAndre Yedlin will remain with Tottenham Hotspur this season or not, let’s talk about the idea of DeAndre Yedlin.

Amazingly enough, the United States has become a massive marketing tool in the world of soccer. Leagues all around the world are working extremely hard to win over the American market. From establishing partnerships with MLS clubs to starting their own academies in the USA, it’s basically become an arms race to win over American support.

This billboard spotted in the U.S. is proof that Yedlin is becoming a star in the American sports landscape. As one of the young guys on the U.S. national team, his popularity has skyrocketed since Spurs bought him from Seattle two years ago. He’s one of the biggest draws in American soccer currently. Wherever he goes, the American audience will follow.

Yedlin’s presence will surely bring Spurs more attention and more fans from America. But, that’s not the most important part. They need to decide if he’s ready to help them or not in a very important season with the Champions League beckoning.

Perhaps his absence from the final friendly against Inter Milan is indication of their decision. We can only wait and see. For now, let’s just admire his dope billboard and dream of him locking down the Spurs right back spot in an alternate universe.