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Cartilage Free Captain Charity Challenge update: The Gooners are coming!

U.S. Bureau Of Engraving And Printing Oversees Dollar Bill Production Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Three days to go! We’re in the home stretch of the Cartilage Free Captain / Short Fuse Charity Challenge, and we’ve done some very good work, my friends. Together, and including offline donations, as of this posting we have successfully raised £1031.93 for Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice in north London. For our American readers, that’s $1345.57.

The support has been overwhelming. I’m beyond grateful to all of you.

We’re still not done.

That’s because The Short Fuse is breathing down our necks. They’re currently at $1067 for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and they’re one motivated group, let me tell you. They’d like nothing better than to out-raise us and take over our blog like we did to them last year.

Do you REALLY want to see lasagna recipes on Cartilage Free Captain? A compilation of the best-ever St. Totteringham’s Days? Is this what you want?

It’s all up to you now.

You have until THIS WEDNESDAY, August 10 at midnight (whatever midnight happens to be for you) to make your donation in this competition. Give whatever you can. Even a few pounds/dollars can make a difference not only in this contest, but also in the lives of the sick children and families that Noah’s Ark helps in north and central London.

And while you’re at it, help us spread the word about this fundraiser. Tweet it. Share it on FB wherever Spurs fans gather. Heck, get non-Spurs fans involved, I don’t care. It’s for a good cause.

Look, let’s be honest. If TSF wins, I’ll be disappointed, but that disappointment will be well overshadowed by the fact that between our two blogs we’ve raised a good amount of money for two excellent causes. This whole campaign is supposed to be fun, and it has been. Fun, that is.

But it’s more fun when you win and can take over a Gooner blog.