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Cartilage Free Captain Community EPL Predictions: rank the teams!

Have a good #take on what the EPL table will look like in June? Rank ‘em.

Stoke City v West Ham United - Premier League Photo by Dave Thompson/Getty Images

The new Premier League season is just about upon us, and that means it’s time to start thinking about the season as a whole. Specifically, it’s time to make some predictions as to how the table will look come June, 2017.

We’re trying something new this year at Cartilage Free Captain. With the new EPL season about to kick off, we thought it might be fun not only to get staff predictions for how the 2016-17 table will look by the end of the season, but to also hear from you!

Below, we’ve embedded a survey into this article where you can drag and drop the 2016-17 EPL teams into your predicted order of finish. Who’s going to make the Champions League? Who will be relegated? Have your say here.

This survey will be open only through Wednesday, so be sure and submit your predictions as soon as possible. We’ll summarize your results in a post along with staff predictions, probably on Thursday.