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What role will Harry Kane play in FIFA 17’s The Journey?

The Spurs striker is a character in the new NBA 2k-esque game mode

Fans of EA Sports’ regular video game series will be anxious to play their brand new mode for FIFA 17 entitled “The Journey” when the game launches in two weeks. A demo for the game is rolling out today that allows you to try the new NBA 2K My Career-esque mode.

Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane will apparently be a character in the mode that follows fictional up-and-coming English striker, Alex Hunter, on his path from anonymity to super-stardom in the Premier League.

It’ll be interesting to see what type of role Kane will play in the new mode. He’s listed as an Authenticity Consultant on the game, but he’s apparently a character too. The story told in the mode is not at all unlike Harry Kane’s career path. A young English striker working his way up from the academy to the Premier League to become a star.

Will Harry be a motivational and supportive type of character? Or could he play a competitor and someone who is a rival to the striker? We don’t have many details about what his role will actually be, but it’s cool to see him being one of the main characters in a highly anticipated mode.

Are you interested in The Journey? What could Harry Kane’s role be?