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Kyle Walker singing Champions League anthem will make you miss Europa League

Make it stop...

Today is the day you’ve been waiting for, Spurs fans. For the first time since April 2011, it’s Champions League match day for Tottenham Hotspur. After last season’s great run in the league, the club are now reaping the reward for all their hard work.

Before Spurs kick off against Monaco at Wembley Stadium today, Spurs TV thought it would be fun to have Kyle Walker try and sing the Champions League anthem, one of the most famous songs in all of sport. Let’s see how that went:

Oh, goodness. Please make it stop. I would get in a time machine, go back to last season, and sabotage some results just to go back to the Europa League so I don’t have to hear that again.

These responses sum it up perfectly:

I know everyone’s excited about today’s huge occasion, but some things just can’t be unheard, guys. Think of the poor children who accidentally clicked play on that video. They may be scarred for life after hearing that.

Here’s to hoping the team’s performance on the field today is a little better than that rendition...