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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for Thursday, September 22

Your daily thread of random conversation is here!

Tottenham Hotspur v Gillingham - EFL Cup Third Round Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images


Yeah, that’s right. You all get stuck with me writing a Hoddle this morning. This was completely by accident, too. I finished my review of FIFA 17 last night around 10:45 PM ET, just a little over an hour before the embargo lifted. I figured I could at least ask Menno if I could include a direct link to the review for some shameless self-promotion, but it turns out that just about everyone was asleep by 11 PM.

Figuring that I’ve done dumber things on this site, I would just casually add it to the end of the Hoddle and call it a night or at least hit a bar to unwind.

Turns out there was no Hoddle written.

I won’t tell you whether or not you should shame Jake for this, but......

Anyways, this is your Hoddle and it’s impromptu as ever. Here are some links, including my aforementioned self-promotion I talked about earlier!

....please don’t fire me, Menno.

And now the “news”....

FIFA 17 Review - Gaming Nexus

TL;DR - Frostbite rules. But, seriously, please check it out.

FYI, the link may not be live until early AM in the States.

Aston Villa owner urges Jack Grealish to 'show focus' after latest partying storm - The Mirror

Speaking of FIFA, I remember always signing Jack Grealish in FIFA 15 and he would peter out at like 75 overall. Maybe the partying carried over into video games?

Manchester United boss hits out at ‘football Einsteins’ trying to savage his career and United history after 3-1 win over Northampton Town - The Sun

First off, that headline is amazing. Second, I learned that there is a team nicknamed the Cobblers.

Mourinho and Guardiola pitted together in EFL Cup fourth round - IB Times

Sweet baby Jesus, these draws are great. There’s still going to be rotation, though. I’d love to see our youth head up to Anfield and beat Pool just to show off the depth of the club.

That’s it from me! Enjoy your Thursday.