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Twitter solved Spurs backlog of contract announcements

This week has been an eventful one off-the-field for Tottenham Hotspur. We’ve seen the contract extensions for Dele Alli, Kyle Walker, Danny Rose, and Christian Eriksen (a few weeks ago, but still) all announced within days of each other.

This means we’ve seen several big announcements by the club in rapid succession. While they each deserve their moment in the spotlight and their own individual tender moment with Mauricio Pochettino, one Twitter user found a way to make it so all four players can get that moment at once.

If only Poch had Inspector Gadget arms, we could’ve gotten all this done in one fell swoop. I’m not saying it would’ve saved us a lot of work, but I’m also not not saying it.

Nevertheless, we’re extremely happy to see all of them get their much-deserved contract extensions. Hopefully all four continue to have long and prosperous careers at the club.