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*SPOILERS* Harry Kane is ‘buzzing’ in FIFA 17’s The Journey

His role is revealed

SPOILER WARNING: The following post contains spoilers from the story arc of FIFA 17’s brand new game mode, “The Journey.” If you don’t want to be spoiled, please wait until after completing the mode to read.

A lot was made about Harry Kane being in FIFA 17’s new game mode, “The Journey.” A trailer released by EA Sports revealed that the Tottenham Hotspur striker would not only be an Authenticity Consultant on production of the mode, but that he would be a character in the actual mode itself.

We wondered exactly what his role would be. Now that the game has been released we have found out that he plays a rather big part in the story arc.

It turns out that no matter what team you pick to begin your journey with (unless you pick Spurs), Harry Kane is signed on Deadline Day as your competition for minutes in the squad.

(video via TheApexHound)

And, of course he’s ‘buzzing’ to be at the new club, even if it is Sunderland...

Don’t you worry Spurs fans, it turns out that if you pick to have Alex Hunter begin his career at Tottenham, you not only get to keep Harry Kane (who gets hurt in preseason), the team also signs Angel Di Maria on Deadline Day as your competition.

It’s a very interesting story arc. Hopefully next year’s game will have alternate paths the story can take instead of one concrete angle. However, it’s a great new addition to the game and it’s cool that Harry Kane is a central figure in the mode.