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Report: Harry Kane in talks with Spurs for £120k/week contract extension

Slovakia v England: 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

We’ve been hearing rumors about talks between Harry Kane and Tottenham Hotspur for a new contract for quite some time now. The last time this came up was back in early July when the Guardian said Kane had agreed a “deal in principle” to raise his salary to £100k/week. Since then, nothing.

Now, the Mirror has jumped in, saying that Kane has again opened talks with Spurs on a new deal that will bump his salary up to £120k/week, making him the club’s highest wage earner.

So, the answer to the unspoken question is: yes, Harry Kane absolutely deserves it. If the Mirror is right and he’s only on £50k/week right now (and that after another contract extension and raise last February), that’s practically criminal for a player of his ability. He’d be making twice that or more at just about any other club that could afford his transfer fee.

£120k/wk is a lot of money, but these contract talks are no doubt instigated by the signing of Moussa Sissoko, who reportedly is on £80k/week, equal to what Hugo Lloris is making right now. Both Kane and Eriksen, who is also in negotiations for a new contract and a pay raise, deserve way more than that.

It’s the Mirror, and obviously we take this whole report with multiple grains of salt, but I’m 100% on the Get Kane Paid Train. And there’s room behind the engine for Eriksen, too.