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WATCH: Harry Kane reacts to his FIFA 17 rating

Is it too low?

Last week, we learned about Harry Kane’s FIFA 17 rating in a pretty normal way. By reading from a website like everyone else. Harry is special, though. Copa90 teamed up with EA Sports to get the chance to unveil Harry Kane’s rating to the man himself and get his thoughts on it.

You can see that here:

While saying he was disappointed with his 84 rating would be a bit strong, he certainly wasn’t thrilled about it. Does he have a beef with EA Sports for rating him as such?

When comparing other Premier League players’ ratings, it becomes clear that Harry Kane is vastly underrated by their system. Sky Sports released the ratings for the Top 20 players in the Premier League on Tuesday, in which Kane was not listed.

Players that did make the Top 20 include: Philippe Coutinho, Willian, Dimitri Payet, and Diego Costa. While all those players are worthy of the honor, are they really more deserving than the league’s defending Golden Boot winner?

Then you take a look at someone Sergio Aguero. There’s no doubt he’s a top striker, but Kane was much more prolific in front of goal than him last season. Yet, he’s ranked as an 89 overall, a full 5 points higher.

Of course, this is just a video game and it’s all in fun. But, EA prides itself on being as realistic as possible. I’m not sure they gave Harry Kane the respect he deserves this year.

What do you think? Is Harry underrated in FIFA this year? Let us know in the comments or just tell us how silly we are for caring about video game rankings.