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Watch: NBC pundits discuss Harry Kane’s slow start

Harry’s not at his best right now, but that’s what we said last season too.

Slovakia v England: 2018 FIFA World Cup Qualifier Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Our beloved striker Harry Kane is starting the season a little slowly again this year. So far he hasn't registered a goal in the three games he’s played and only made six shot on target. That’s not ideal. However in the past two seasons he’s also made slow starts, rarely scoring much until November in 2014 and 2015. He still managed to score over 20 goals in both of those seasons, so it is definitely too early to worry about him for now. If things don’t pick up towards late November then we should probably all be worried.

The most worrying thing about Harry not warming up quickly is that by November we have already played three Champions League group stage games. While we are probably the best team in the pot, it would be nice for our striker to show up to our first Champions League games in years.

The NBC Sports crew apparently has similar thoughts about Kane - although they concern-troll a fair bit about Harry’s “slow start” they also acknowledge that the pieces are all there to relieve some of the pressure on Kane, which will hopefully help him kick on. Have a look here. (Note: video is geo-locked to United States and its territories.)