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Mauricio Pochettino thinks contract negotiations with Spurs may have affected Christian Eriksen's form

Tottenham Hotspur FC v RSC Anderlecht - UEFA Europa League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

It's actually kind of amazing that Christian Eriksen has only just now signed a new contract with Tottenham. His first contract with Spurs, after his arrival from Ajax in 2013, was reportedly only worth £30,000 a week. That’s a real bargain for a player of his quality.

The new four-year deal will reportedly have Eriksen on £75,000 a week. This represents a well-deserved raise for the Danish international, one that had been a long time coming. According to Mauricio Pochettino, the lengthy, ongoing contract negotiations with the club may have negatively impacted Christian’s form and focus.

The Standard has the relevant quotes from Poch.

“Perhaps subconsciously, the speculation can affect you when you are in the process of negotiating your future.

It is not about money. It’s about your future. Sometimes it is difficult but we trust Christian, he is happy to stay and there is no doubt he will improve his performance in the future. If the club give him a better contract, it is because he deserves it.

For players it is about performances. It is about being focused in training, improving fitness, showing quality, the relationship with your team-mates on the pitch. There is no doubt about Christian’s quality or his skills.

This contract is important for him and for us. It will stop the rumours and he can be focused only on playing football. This is the last time we will talk about Eriksen’s contract and the rumours.”

Mauricio is a really smart guy, and he makes some good points. Yes professional footballers make a lot of money, but an uncertain future would affect even the most focused player. At no point does Poch put the blame on Eriksen for these distractions, it’s simply a part of the game. A part of the game that our Argentinian gaffer is clearly pleased to see behind the club and Christian.

It’s also nice to hear Poch basically say “shove it” to anyone who doesn’t think Christian deserves a new contract. Yes it’s been a below-average start to the year for the 24-year-old, but I’m not sure anyone doubts that the Great Dane will come into form sooner rather than later.

Also, it’s impressive just how good Pochettino’s English has become. At this point he’s probably more fluent in the language than Wayne Rooney is.

Here’s to four more years of Christian Eriksen, our number 23.