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Dele Alli, Michel Vorm and Ledley King are the new Funky Bunch!

What is even going on?

Tottenham Hotspur had a very special visitor at White Hart Lane yesterday. Marky Mark himself, Mr. Mark Wahlberg randomly showed up Spurs home ground for a photo opportunity with a weird mix of guys. Dele Alli and Michel Vorm you’d expect to see greeting special guests, but the legend Ledley King also showed up to be a part of Marky’s new Funky Bunch.


A photo posted by Mark Wahlberg (@markwahlberg) on

What does this mean?!?! There was no context given for the Actor/Former Rapper’s visit to The Lane, but if this means he’s a Tottenham supporter then we’re totally cool with that.

It looks like they could use one more member to complete the quintet.

Hmm...I wonder which Spurs player would complete the revamped five-man group. Leave us your suggestion in the comments.

Perhaps he’s at Tottenham researching a role for a new movie? How awesome would that be? I love Mark Wahlberg movies. He’s very underrated, in my humble opinion. Imagine him being cast as Mauricio Pochettino. Cut his hair into a normal grown man’s hairstyle and he kinda resembles Poch a little bit.

Who knows? He could’ve just been there cooking hamburgers for everyone. We may never know.