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Pochettino says new signing N'Koudou needs "a few weeks" more training

Georges-Kevin N'Koudou's social media game is on point. But it sounds like his fitness needs more work before we see him in an actual game.

The prize for longest running transfer saga of Tottenham's 2016 summer window goes to Georges-Kevin N'Koudou. The French U-21 international's arrival to White Hart Lane from Marseilles looked like a done deal in early July, only to stretch out to deadline day in vintage Daniel Levy fashion.

In a somewhat ironic twist, he wasn't even the most heralded signing for Spurs that day. That honor went to Moussa Sisokko and for this we haven't heard much about GK's ability and how he is adjusting to North London.  Mauricio Pochettino recently gave some insight into our new twenty-one year old's progress:

"GK is very young, he's a player who can improve and can surprise everyone. His qualities are unbelievable, he's an explosive player who can play on the left or inside with both feet and he has a very good mentality. He needs time because he's young and still needs to work hard, he hasn't had a pre-season and he's still improving his fitness, so he needs a few weeks more to be ready."

These are some glowing words from Pochettino and should get supporters pretty riled up. His description indicates that GK might have a stupidly high ceiling to develop into. Of course, these words have a promotional aspect to them seeing that they are posted directly on Spurs official, but that Poche states that he can "surprise everyone" and that his "qualities are unbelievable", seem greater than your average praise for a young player.

What we do know is that he is blazingly fast and excels at eliminating defenders off the dribble. There are two qualities that a talented Spurs attack lacks. Give him some time, but Georges-Kevin N'Koudou has the potential to be a perfect tactical substitute for this 2016-17 Tottenham team.