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Spurs’ Danny Rose caught on camera at World Darts Championships after Watford win

Hide the beer, Danny, quick!

William Hill World Darts Championship - Day Fourteen - Alexandra Palace Photo by Steven Paston/PA Images via Getty Images

Danny Rose loves him some darts. We’ve seen him in the crowd enjoying dart competitions in years past along with fellow Tottenham Hotspur dart aficionados Toby Alderweireld, Michel Vorm, and others.

Mere hours after Rose helped Spurs play Watford off the pitch at Vicarage Road in a 4-1 victory, Danny was spotted by TV cameras celebrating his win at the 2017 William Hill World Darts Championship semifinals. And Danny being Danny, he took the opportunity to give some love to Spurs teammate Mousa Dembele.

Attaboy, Danny. But that’s not even the best part! The full video shows the camera appearing to catch Rose halfway through a pint, leaving some Tottenham fans on Twitter to wonder if he’s going to catch a little hell from manager Mauricio Pochettino for enjoying a beer when he has a match on Wednesday.

Oops. Let’s take a look at it a little closer. Did the cup actually touch his lips? And does it matter when the pint is clearly more than half gone already?

Now look, if it’s me this isn’t a big deal. Danny’s just out with the lads and enjoying a celebratory pint of bitter after a big win. Nothing wrong with that in my mind. Kind of hilarious that he tries to hide it as soon as he sees the camera on him, though. Nobody tell Papa Poch!