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Tottenham vs. Wycombe FA Cup date set, but won’t be televised

Because they’re showing the Liverpool and Arsenal matches instead. Grr.

The FA Cup Fourth Round schedule has been released, and there’s good news and bad news if you’re a Tottenham Hotspur supporter.

First, the good news: Spurs’ home tie against League 2 club Wycombe Wanderers has been set for Saturday, January 28, with a 3 pm UK kick-off time (10 a.m. ET) at White Hart Lane.

The bad news? It’s not going to be televised in the UK. The FA has decided to air Plymouth/Liverpool vs. Wolverhampton and Norwich City/Southampton vs. Arsenal on Saturday, both on BT Sport 2.

Here’s the full schedule of UK-televised FA Cup fourth round matches.

This probably shouldn’t be a huge surprise. Liverpool and Arsenal both have bigger fanbases than Spurs, and as infuriating as it is to admit it, it’d probably be a bigger deal if BT Sport decided to go with a Spurs match over either of the others. But it’s still pretty frustrating. Sorry, Wycombe supporters who almost never see their club on TV!

The USA coverage might be different, but we don’t know yet — FOX holds the rights to the FA Cup and I haven’t yet seen if their coverage will be any different from BBC and BT Sports. It’s possible that the Spurs game could be shown on Fox Sports 2 or streamed on a platform like Fox Soccer2Go but we’ll have to wait and see.