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Sunday football open thread

If the results fall Spurs’ way today, they can end the week in second place.

Manchester United v Hull City - EFL Cup Semi-Final: First Leg Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

Spurs are second after their 4-0 thumping of West Brom yesterday, pending today’s matches: Manchester United vs Liverpool and Manchester City vs Everton. But there’s a chance that Tottenham Hotspur can end the week in second place instead of third.

Spurs currently have the second best goal differential in the league behind Chelsea. A Manchester City win would tie them with Spurs with 45 points, but Spurs would have the advantage in goal differential A United-Liverpool draw, or a United win would mean that Spurs will keep their position in second. A Liverpool win would drop them to third.

It’s all muddled behind Chelsea at the top of the table, so at this point table positions don’t mean a whole lot, but it’s still fun. So come on you draws!

Here’s your open thread for today’s games.

  • Everton vs. Manchester City (1:30 pm UK, 8:30 am ET)
  • Manchester United vs. Liverpool (4:00 pm UK, 11:00 am ET)