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Did Tottenham Hotspur’s 2017-18 Nike kits just leak?

You be the judge. Real or fake?

Another year, another set of leaked pictures that could possibly reveal Tottenham Hotspur’s kits for the next season.

This is the first picture we’ve seen that purports to show Spurs’ new kits for the 2017-18 season. Next year’s kits are notable because they’ll be our first made by Nike, after a five year partnership with Under Armour comes to an end.

So here’s what they may, or may not, look like.

The poster claims to have “a contact” who has seen these kits and snapped a picture. So these are very far from confirmed. There have been accurate leaks of our kits in the past, but those usually came much later than January.

It does look like a typical warehouse setting that they’d be seen in. But look at the writing under the cockerel on both shirts, it really doesn’t look right. It seems a little off, and we’ve never had “Tottenham Hotspur” under the club crest on our kits. We’ve also yet to have a non-red AIA logo on one of our white home kits.

Who knows? They could be prototypes. They could be completely fake. They could be training kits.

If they’re fake, they’re certainly very elaborate fakes. And to be honest, I hope these aren’t the real deal.

The home kit is fine, but the away kit is out of control. I already don’t like the superimposed cockerel in the background, and it’s much more noticeable on the away shirt. It almost looks like our proud bird is locked in jail behind these weird diagonal bars.

I think Nike will put forth a better effort than this as they begin a reported £30 million per-year deal with Tottenham.

Only time will tell if these are truly the shirts Spurs will wear during the 2017/18 season.