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Tottenham launch new virtual reality tour of new stadium

The stadium is taking shape, and the club has released new images and video of what it will look like inside.


Most of you probably have heard this news already: Tottenham Hotspur are building a new stadium! Yesterday, the club released new photos of the stadium interior, specifically some of the “premium options” for high-rollers and big spenders who are eager to pony up the dough for some serious amenities in Spurs’ new digs.

In addition, the club has also put together a virtual reality tour of the new stadium which allows you to take a walk through the completed stadium interior via Occulus Rift. It’s a simulated look at what a match will look like when filled with 60,000 Spurs (or NFL) fans.

The tour is only available to persons with an interest in purchasing access to these “premium features,” which almost certainly isn’t the average fan. But it is pretty swank looking stuff. I’m particularly struck from these visualizations how close the fans are to the pitch. White Hart Lane is known for putting the fans in the front rows right by the action, and it looks like New White Hart Lane will have a very similar experience, if larger.

I’m a little sad that I’ll never have had the experience to attend a match at White Hart Lane, but boy if I’m not super looking forward to spending some time in this awesome new stadium.